Patti Ragan, director of the Middle for Nice Apes the place Sandra the orangutan is now dwelling, advised CNN she has been “inquisitive, calm, engaged and keen on her new environment” since her arrival on Tuesday.

“She was shy when she first arrived, however as soon as she noticed the swings, toys, and grassy areas in her new house, she went out to discover,” Ragan stated in a press launch.

The orangutan captured the world’s consideration when she was on the heart of a 2015 Argentina court docket case.

After dwelling in captivity for 20 years on the Buenos Aires Zoo, Sandra was declared a “nonhuman being” by Choose Elena Liberatori, an unprecedented ruling that gave the orangutan primary rights together with life, freedom, and a premise of “no hurt” both bodily or psychologically.

However one downside: there have been no orangutan sanctuaries in Argentina, so Choose Liberatori requested the Middle for Nice Apes to soak up Sandra as they’re the one accredited sanctuary for orangutans within the Americas.

Sandra was despatched to the Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas for a month-long quarantine earlier than arriving on the heart in Florida, the place she was promised lifetime care.

There are 22 orangutans, together with Sandra, and 31 chimpanzees on the heart. The apes have been rescued from circuses, stage reveals, roadside attraction, labs, and the unique pet commerce, the Middle for Nice Apes stated.

“Her fame will assist to carry extra consciousness of how very particular and sentient nice apes are in addition to the horrible threats dealing with their species within the wild in Borneo and Sumatra,” Ragan advised CNN. “Habitat destruction brought on by logging, mining, and palm oil farming is inflicting the lack of a whole lot of orangutans simply as good and wonderful as Sandra.”

The Zoo, in the meantime, was closed down in 2016 and is now being transformed into an Ecoparque, a facility for Argentine native wildlife that can open in 2023.

Emiliano Giménez contributed to this story.

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