If reviews are to be believed, the President has requested his White Home counsel to analysis the concept of the US purchasing Greenland — an autonomous nation and the world’s largest island — from the Kingdom of Denmark.
Greenland is dwelling to 56,00zero folks, and the notion of shopping for an indigenous folks and their ancestral lands smacks of colonialism and is deeply problematic. Given how Trump’s actual property initiatives labored out for the islanders of New York Metropolis — $360 million in forgiven or uncollected taxes with one other $885 million in tax breaks going to luxurious residences, lodges and workplace buildings — it could be financially savvy for Denmark to avoid President Trump’s crony capitalism.
In Denmark and Greenland, President Trump’s curiosity has been obtained with a mix of anger and bewilderment. A member of the Danish parliament referred to as it “a bad joke,” whereas the premier of Greenland’s autonomous authorities dryly remarked that “Greenland is just not on the market.”

The thought is especially appalling to Greenlandic-Danes for 3 causes. First, Greenland has its personal language, tradition, and historical past. The notion of shopping for a nation wholesale is deeply disrespectful to the painful colonial historical past of Greenland.

Trump, the divider, unites Denmark against sale of Greenland
Greenland was first colonized by Danish settlers in 1721, adopted by a interval of compelled Christianization and repression of the native tradition and language. As a part of a social experiment within the 1950s, some Greenlandic youngsters have been removed from their parents — a observe the Trump administration has employed. Immediately a big majority of Greenland’s inhabitants helps independence from Denmark “eventually,” however many fear that their island remains to be too depending on economic support from Denmark to help itself as a sovereign nation. President Trump ought to understand {that a} folks scarred by colonialism with hopes for independence will take offense on the thought of being “offered.”
Second, Danish society is constructed on basically completely different values than the US. For many Greenlandic-Danes, adopting American methods of cutthroat capitalism and bare-bones social welfare applications could be a daunting prospect. If the US have been to purchase Greenland, its residents would most actually lose their rights to common well being care, free larger schooling, 5 weeks of annual paid trip, as much as 12 months of paid parental depart, backed childcare and extra. Aaja Chemnitz Larsen, a member of the Danish parliament representing Greenland, reckons these fashionable primary rights could be “completely obliterated” if the US have been to take over.
Third, Greenlanders have already got ambivalent emotions concerning the US’ navy rights over the island’s Thule Air Base. In 1946, President Harry Truman supplied $100 million for Greenland, however the Danish authorities declined to promote. As a substitute, villagers in Thule have been forcibly removed to allow the US to establish a military base, which at the moment performs an important function within the US’ ballistic missile early warning system. In 1968, an American B-52 bomber carrying 4 hydrogen bombs crashed close to the bottom, exposing the island and a Greenlandic clean-up crew to radioactive contamination. Within the 1990s, a scandal erupted when it was revealed the US stored nuclear weapons in Greenland, regardless of Denmark’s coverage banning such weapons throughout its territory.

Though President Trump’s curiosity in shopping for Greenland has been mocked and vehemently rejected, he should not fear an excessive amount of about US’ geopolitical positioning within the Arctic. As a small nation, Denmark relies on US help to defend Greenland’s 27,00zero miles of shoreline in opposition to Russia. This dependency means the international coverage of Denmark is tailor-made to favor American pursuits — from permitting air bases with nuclear weapons to supporting the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Regardless of how obscene and thoughtless a proposal President Trump may make when he visits Denmark in September, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen will most likely sustain the custom of appeasing the US President as finest she will.

Greenland is not going to be offered — however the US may have privileged entry to the island. No marvel the folks of Greenland stay up for the day they not should be a bargaining chip tossed between Denmark and america.

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